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Prepare to be Noticed
Welcome to Golden Goose Hats! 

We are your premier source for today's hottest styles. 
Whether you are looking for something formal, a more casual style to wear with jeans, or something sporty to hit the slopes or a difficult trail in, we offer something for all of your needs.  A word of warning though, be prepared to be noticed when you put on your Golden Goose Hat.  Golden Goose Hats are all completely hand made.  The signature line is made in he Pacific Northwest, solely by owner Linda Mestrovich.   Every hat is felted and comprised of 100% American grown wool and/or wool blends, with various designer faux fur yarns, used in different ways depending on the style. Our studio line is made up of a number of hats, hand made for Golden Goose Hats, giving us the ability to offer lovely and fun hats at a very affordable price. 

Our unique inventory and low overhead allow us to offer a one of a kind shopping experience.  We offer a money back guarantee on everything we sell.  If you are not completely, satisfied, simply return your item within 3 days for a refund*.  It's that easy!  While we are a company that provides a product, we also pride our self on providing excellent customer service.  Return business is always the best business and referrals are the highest compliment we can receive.
About the Artist

Linda was taught knitting and felting, by an elderly aunt, as a young girl but she didn't really explore her love of fiber until she was in her late twenties. She is an expert knitter who specialized in beautifully intricate sweaters for years. Something changed in her, artistically, around 2004 when she discovered her passion for felting.  Intricate sweaters morphed into amazing hats and learning the art of understanding shrinkage.  Linda mastered the craft of felting and, combining it with her gift for knitting, Golden Goose Hats was born.


Linda lives on a beautiful 5 acre farm, on the outskirts of Snohomish, with her husband of more than 30 years. Nature and animals have always been an inspiration to her. While Linda creates her spectacular hats, bags, and leashes, her husband, Anthony, uses his own creativity to inspire her.  He is a passionate gardener who has sculpted their farm into a fairytale land. Her artistic creativity is stimulated every time she looks out her window over the beautiful gardens he has created or walks through her yard on the way to feed her llamas. Linda is a woman who believes in self-expression and is truly in love with color. She finds joy in being able to share her passion with others in the form of her creations.

Recently, the Golden Goose Hats enterprise has expanded to encompass Golden Goose Garden Emporium, also.  Linda and Anthony have decided to open their beautiful grounds for garden tours, wedding and engagement photos, and the occasional art festival.  Scheduling a tour or an event can be arranged by contacting Linda through the "contact us" page. 
*A refund will be issued in the amount of the purchase, less the cost of shipping and handling.  There is a 15% restocking fee on all custom made hats.
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